National Geographic, January 1978


National Geographic, January 1978

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im in a country that has children beheading people like a sport.

arab peooplleee!

congratulations you’re literally the stupidest person in the world! first of all, just because someone is wearing a turban and has a beard, doesn’t automatically make them an arab or a muslim. Jusreign is Sikh, a follower of the worlds 5th most popular religion originating out of northern india. second of all, even if he was an arab or a muslim, doesn’t mean you can blame all arabs and muslims for the actions of extremists because it’s literally not their fault, and they are also among the innocent people being targeted by said extremists. so read a fucking book or do a google search before you start leaving ignorant ass comments on posts that don’t concern you.


if you actually looked at his (freedom14movement) blog you wouldn’t be surprised. He actually goes on to say he knew the difference and was just trying to make a point - riiiiiiight. But his response is mainly Ad Hominems. He thinks virtually all knowledge and advances are due to “the white man” (his words). But he also thinks “voila” is spelled “vwalla”.



what if people named their kids when they turn 18 so the kid has a name that fits its personality


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Prince Devitt + Body Paint

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So it’s my little sisters birthday

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